Bon Bon Salon 3rd Avenue

Bon Bon Salon 571 3rd Avenue

The holidays are upon us. Had some time off work and looking for some relation. An Amazon Local deal comes across my email for a massage for $45.00. That is a good deal in NYC. Looked at the web site and a few reviews, looks like a decent enough salon, so I go ahead and take the deal and book two appointments for me and my husband.

Arrived at the location, as usual the web site pictures make it look better than it actually is. This picture (below) on the web site is not what it looks like. It is kinda run down. Staff is very much is rush and a hurried atmosphere.

Bon-Bon Salon & Spa

The massage therapist was aggressive at first. Kinda felt rushed with very quick movements. Definitely not relaxing, however after a few minutes of settling to her touch I found the massage to be very much needed in relieving the stress and tense mussels. The massage was actually good. However not very respectful of privacy. When asked to turn over on my back she lifted the towel waiting for me to turn over while my breasts were fully exposed. After the massage she says relax a few moments and then never returned. After a a while I awkwardly got up and dressed assuming the massage was over and she was not returning. Management – train your staff to announce that the massage is done and ask is everything ok.  Relax a few moments and take your  time getting up and dressed. Come out when you are ready.

While dressing a cockaroach crawls across the floor by my bare feet. Kinda creeped me out.

Prior to entering the massage asked if they had time for a pedicure after the massage.  Immediately after the massage the therapist hurriedly sat me in the pedicure chair and said they have time for you. Great, I thought! I really need a pedicure maybe this service would be better. ………. Then wait, wait and more waiting………………………………..

After waiting 25min for someone to come over and give me a pedicure I asked if anyone was coming, I was told just a few more minutes. While waiting I observed another customer getting a pedicure and a manicure. Again in a very rushed manner. It was like they couldn’t get the pedicure done fast enough. Throwing cotton balls across the room to make it in the trash can only to land on the floor.

After 45min of waiting I finally gave up. I dried my feet put my shoes back on and proceeded to the reception area to wait for my husband who should be completed with his massage within a few minutes. Several staff members noticed that I was frustrated and was leaving, including the management. Yet no one approached me to apologize or ask why I was leaving. I was allowed to walk out the door with one person addressing my situation. I was very frustrated because the only thing needed to be said is we do not have time to fit you in (no problem, I didn’t have an appointment, so nothing was expected) I would have simply went elsewhere with the time I had to wait for my husband to finish his massage. Yet I wasted the entire hour waiting for no one.

Management: You paid Amazon Local Deal to advertise your business. We all know that there is no money actually being made on those deals by the time you give the 50% off for the deal and then pay another 50% to Amazon. It is strictly marketing to get new clients in your door. Which you succeeded. you brought 2 new clients in your door, that were willing to give your business a try. We were at one point happy customers and willing to return for future services. Yet you let us walk out unhappy customer never to return.

Your entire staff needs to slow down. A salon should be a relaxing atmosphere where you get beauty treatments. It feels like every one had a few cans of red bull and can’t wait to push clients out the door. Don’t say you can fit someone in when you can’t. Turning them away and giving them an appointment for the future is much better than saying you can do it and making them wait 45min or who knows how long it would have taken for someone to actually come over.

Get an exterminator – No one wants to see a cockaroach on the floor – even if it is NYC.

Heat up your massage rooms – they are cold.  Have the staff keep their voices down near the massage rooms. It is not very relaxing to hear shouting outside the door while getting a massage.

When your clients are paying – have the receptionist ask them if they enjoyed the service – would they like to book another appointment. No follow up was done what so ever. Why did you bother advertising on Amazon – when you really don’t care about getting a new client.

<a href=””><img border=”0″ src=”; width=”88″ height=”31″ alt=”Bon-Bon Salon on Citysearch”/></a>


I would not recommend this salon at all – The staff is rude and rushed. The whole place needs to be scrubbed down and exterminated. They do not care if you return or are a happy customer.


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